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The Fifteen 15 Original Clans Of Anlo | ShowbizAfrik

There were twelve 12 original clans established by Dutɔ Ʋenya when the Aŋlɔs arrived on Aŋlɔland. But as at now the clans in Aŋlɔ have increased to fifteen 15.

Let’s look at the names of these fifteen 15 rich culture clan in Aŋlɔ.

We have;

  1. Lɔaƒeawo(Lãƒeawo)

2. Amladeawo

3. Adzɔviawo

4. Bateawo

5. Likɛawo

6. Kleviawo

7. Agaveawo

8. Bamiawo






14. ɤetsoƒiawo

15. Bluawo


Let’s talk about the 15 clan of the Aŋlɔ and their various taboos

Anlo clans

Clan 1.

Name: Lɔaƒeawo-Lãfe

Origin: ŋɔtsīe-Aŋlɔga

Founders: Ʋenya son of ATSU (Madokponuo)


  • They don’t eat all stripped animals (Lãŋɔŋoewo)
  • They do not eat monitor lizard (Ve)
  • They don’t eat the small bird called TSI
  • They don’t eat the fruit of a forest plant “adelamanyi” and theg don’t use this plant as firewood.
  • They don’t eat Lama (Lolui) and Dzogolo.
  • They don’t drink the rainwater that’s collected from thatch roof


Functions: They are the Leviticus or priestly clan in Aŋlɔ. They are the first to say ritual state prayers and the first to pour libation for the Aŋlɔs at all public gatherings.


They install the Awɔmefia , the Aʋadada and other Wing chief in Aŋlɔ.

Funeral Days : 4 to 5 days

Some members of this clan are Tɔgbui Ʋenya ,Philip Ghexo,Tɔgbi Akpobi,Dravie family, Akaba family ,Gawu family ,Agbolosoo,Akligo and many more .


Clan 2

Name: Amladeawo

Origin: ŋɔtsīe-aŋlɔga

Founders: Adedzi Nyakli son of Etsɛ Gemedra


  • Same as for LƆAƑE clan

Functions: GBEDOƉATƆW, FIAƉOLAWO, TSIƑOƉITƆWO. They collaborate with the Lɔaƒe clan to do this.

Funeral Days: 4-5days (YƆƑOGBE)

Some members of this clan are Dzisam Kugbe family of ŋɔlɔƒi/abɔlɔve, Goka family, Ashiagbɔ family Akɔlɔ, Gakpo ,kumɔdzi and many others


Clan 3.



Founders: SRI 1,son of ADZA ASHIMADI of Tado.


  • They do not eat the river fish KLOFI (Adzɔvia)
  • They do not use bulrushes or reeds in making and lighting a fire.

Functions:They are the original owners of the Aŋlɔ Royal Stool.The royal House alternates between them and Bate clan. The Aŋlɔ Paramount stool belongs to them.

Some Members of this clan are: Kukubor family,Akagla family ,Axɔlu family ,Nyaxo family, Adzaho-Agbakpe family, Agboado family ,Geraldo de Lima ,Gli and Sɔkpɔ family and many more ..


Clan 4

Name: Bateawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: ADELADZEA 1 alias Tsatsu Adeladzea son of KLU BAMETENU.


  • They do not eat a kind of lobster(shrimp)”BATEBƆLU” and a kind of crab “AGALAGBABƐMEMI”
  • They are not permitted to see raffia first thing in the morning until they have tasted salt.
  • Before they are buried, stringed raffia is tied around their forehead to hide their face.
  • Their pregnant women are forbidden to pass through any opening in a fence or wall of the home.


Functions: They have become secondary owners of the Aŋlɔ Royal stool by right of service. The Royal House alternates.

Some of the members of this clan are Dzokoto, Kluga, Sokpui, Amegashie, James Ocloo, Adeladzea, Dzelu, Gatsiko, Acorlor, Glawu and many more .


Clan 5

Name: Likɛawo.

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: ATƆGOLO alias Ameshimeku Atɔgolo (Nɔagbemashiku)


  • They are forbidden to eat the sea fish known as NYANYAKE and the monitor lizard VE.
  • It’s claimed that one day, in the dim past, their great ancestor Atɔgolo went hunting at low tide across Volta Estuary. Because the tide was low, he waded through to the other bank. On his return, it was high tide and he was unable to cross back home. Miraculously, a great river fish NYANYAKE came floating upon the water towards him and carried him across.

Some of the members of this clan are Nɔagbedzi, Segbefia, Segbawu, Amegashitsi and many more.


Clan 6


Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: KLI of Kligbonu klikɔme Adzyitoƒeme and his son KWAWU ƉƆƉI FUGA


  • They are forbidden to eat the forest animal “SE” as well as “KODZOKPI”
  • They don’t use AƑLA and SO in lighting or making fire.
  • When they die, a piece of leopard skin is tied around their wrist before burial. In the olden days, the great ancestors of this clan slept upon Leopard skins as a mark of bravery.

Functions: They are the executioners for the Aŋlɔs on the battle


Clan 7

Name: Agaveawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga



  • They are permitted to eat Cashew Nuts but are forbidden to use the tree for foɖewood.
  • They do not eat salt which are split on the floor or from ƲEGBA.
  • They are forbidden to use the XETI  for firewood


Clan 8

Name: Bamiawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: AKƆLI DZAMLA son of Klu Bametenu


  • Some more or less as for the Bate Clan

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The Fifteen 15 Original Clans Of Anlo | ShowbizAfrik

Clan 9.

Name: Tsiameawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: Tsamla son of Gemedra.Aga and Gata sons of Tsamla and Tsali son of Akplɔmada


  • They are forbidden to eat the African Cashew Nuts but can eat the European one.
  • The leaves of the African Cashew nuts are used as bed to lie  them upon before burial.
  • They do not use it as firewood too.

Clan 10.

Name: Dzeaviawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: LƐ and TETE ƉI


  • They do not use gold (SIKA) because their principal fetish was made with gold when they were in Adaŋmɛland.
  • They do not eat SE meat and other spotted forest animals like Abei, Akpafia, Gbɔli,Dzogolo.
  • They do not eat Lidzi too.

Functions: They are the priests of the principal state fetish called NYIGBLA the divine thunderbolt.

Clan 11

Name: Amɛawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga



  • They do not eat smoked crab.
  • They do not engage themselves in any dog activities
  • They do not keep dogs because AVUTSU is the name of their god they worship. When touch by a dog, they are expected to touch it back with their foot.

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Clan 12

Name: Toviawo

Origin: ŋɔtsie-Aŋlɔga

Founders: Atsu Etso, Etsɛ Gbedze, Doe Kushitɔ.

Taboo:They are forbidden from walking through okro farms.

Clan 13

Name :Ʋiƒemeawo

Origin: Aŋlɔga : principally Adas, Krobos and other Ga-Adaŋmes, being the descendants of Amega LƐ and Mama EƲI.

Founders: LƐ and his wife EƲI from Tɔŋu


  • Same as for the Dzeaviawo

Remarks: Their ancestor and clan father Amega LƐ introduced the LƐƲU as canoe transport to Aŋlɔ

Clan 14

Name: ɤetsoƒiawo

Origin: They appear to be the first settlers on the lands they occupy.Some said they were here before the Aŋlɔs came and may also have come from ŋɔtsie.

Founders: Sodza, Agbeli, Nublibui, Teho ,Tsɛli-Tsili, Hatsu and Adzafola of all Atiavi Glime



They are forbidden to mutton or the flesh of the sheep “ALE” and the forest animal known as Kodzokpi which resembles Avugboe.

When it is raining , no one person of a different clan is permitted to overtake them on the road or footpath.

Their forbidden to rub their skins with oil which has poured on the earth. Their fetish is the Sheep so their forbidden to eat food  has been touched by a sheep either in the market place or in the home.

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Clan 15

Name: Bluawo also known as Amedzrohlɔwo

Origin: Mixed aliens comprising of people from Ga-Adaŋmes,Anyii in Togo and Dahomey.

Founders: Mama Dedze Gbeklē from Keta Kɔɖa in Togo whose father is said to be known as Asimasinyɛ.


  • They are forbidden from eating a pure white fowl.
  • They are forbidden from using the sea fishing net as bath sponge.

NB: In any case we omitted a vital information, please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks 

CREDIT: ATSU DELA (Son of The Land)


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