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Ahead of the weekly MISS HOTLEGS GHANA 2020 CONTESTANTS profiling tomorrow, we would like to remind you that voting period for your favourite contestants finally ends on October 31st, 2020 after it was extended from October 14th.

The decision for the extension is to allow voters to vote massively for their picks. Multiple voting is allowed at 0.50pesewas on all networks. Check the details of your favourite contestants and follow the prompts.

On 21st of November 2020, Ghana shall see twelve of its ladies with the finest legs on stage at Ellisa Hospitality & Hotels at Kokrobite, Accra contest for the MISS HOTLEGS GHANA 2020 crown.

It will be a moment to redefine beauty pageantry in this country with impartial judgement from the high table. Many of those have had long years of experience in serving as judges for similar events. Just a couple of days ago, we unveiled DEDE DEZEL, the model, as one of the judges for the pageant. More names will soon be announced here.

Organisers are also reminding entities like manufacturing companies and corporate institutions that their doors are still open for sponsorships and partnership in exchange of continental business exposure.

The MISS HOTLEGS AFRICA brand is one of the fastest growing names in the showbiz industry in West Africa due to their uniqueness when it comes to beauty pageantry. Have you ever heard any pageant dedicated to none other feature of the body than the legs? That’s how creative the brand has been.

And that creativity is quickly gaining MISS HOTLEGS AFRICA all the recognition in the African Showbiz industry. So there’s no doubt that companies and other brands that associate with it will get that big time exposure they’ve been longing for.
Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed whiles we bring you the profiles of two of our aspiring beauty queens on Sunday.

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MISS HOTLEGS GHANA 2020 will create just the perfect atmosphere for exhibition of class elegance, beauty and natural talent carried by the beautiful legs of the Ghanaian Queens on 21st November 2020 at Ellisa Hospitality & Hotels at Kokrobite beach.
Tickets are available at https://egotickets.com/events/miss-hotlegs-ghana
For sponsorships and more enquiries, WhatsApp or call +447922226658, +233208409452



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