Founder of The Lighthouse Chapel International Church, Archbishop Dag Heward-Mills still believes there are spirit beings or entities moving around illegally on earth.

He took to his official Twitter page to narrate how a young lady vanished into thin air when from one of his church members’ car.

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This is what he wrote on his Twitter page,

“I once had a church member who gave a lift to a young lady. Half way through the journey, the passenger disappeared from the car and could not be found anymore. The church member was terrified, to say the least. She searched everywhere but they had vanished into thin air”.

He said after the incident,he was then called to attend to this petrified church member. “This shows that some of the so-called human beings are actually not human beings at all. They may be spirit beings or entities, which are illegally moving around on earth”, he added

Dag Heward-Mills

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