Ghanaian Rapper and Singer Jessy said he doesn’t know why a lot of people especially those who are making music blame their fellow musicians whom they think don’t have talent but have the money that they are the ones blocking their breakthrough and shine.

Jessy said it’s not the fault of the promoters, bloggers, presenters, radio and TV personalities or anyone that is blocking their shine but it’s because of poverty and the way the music system is structured.

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This is the post Jessy made on his Facebook page this morning 👇

“I don’t know why most of you have resorted to blaming people WHOM YOU THINK DONT HAVE THE TALENT BUT ARE DOING MUSIC BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOME GOOD MONEY, you should blame poverty and the systems, if the system was good and all these bloggers, presenters, radio personalities, tv personalities etc have the good life they want, i don’t think none would ever allow these people unto their platforms with the INFLUENCE OF MONEY, which even makes them feel they are in the right shoulder to compete with the TALENTED MUSICIANS. Once again BLAME THE SYSTEM AND POVERTY, everybody must survive.”


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Do you agree with what he said or is it that artistes are not putting in more works?

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