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I saw a car on and I contacted the seller, we both agreed that we meet at customs DVLA 37 to check the Paperwork.

After our checks at custom DVLA 37, they told us that the car I wanted to buy has been cleared and is in their system but it’s left with one paper called (item 2).We decided to go back since the paper were not intact.

But the driver who brought the car to meet us suggested that we talk to the car owner so we can pay part of the money and send the car home and when they bring the remaining paper (item2), we will give them the remaining balance. We thought it was a good idea so we agreed.

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Fast forward, we met the car owner at the 37 military hospital for the part payment which is 30k.After the payment, the guys run away with our money and the car.

We reported the case to Nima police station.I gave the number of the said car dealers to my brother posing as a new buyer, and on the following day we got them arrested and sent them to the police station at nima.

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At the police station, they agreed to all the allegations against them.The police told me that I should balance them and take the car which I have agreed.

But the paper (item 2) is still with the agent.I contacted DVLA again and they told me that, if I want to register the car, they will contact the agent to send the the paper ‘item2’ for the registration so that is not a big deal.

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The police have left the fraud car dealers but have still not released the car to me. Anytime I go there, they tell me they are investigating the issue.

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