Article Wan
Article Wan

Article Wan has given green light to FotoCopy, a signee of Team Qwaachi to enter his studio to record his songs for fee. He made this known when he was performing a virtual concert headlined by rising artist.

The budding musician made an appearance at the “I Am Kasoa Virtual Concert” headlined by Team Qwaachi signee FotoCopy. The event took place at FotoCopy’s mansion called “Dream Hauz” on Saturday 21st November 2020. Article wan, who also came to support the little champion used the opportunity to offer him this chance to help nurture his talent.

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Speaking to at the event ground, he made it clear his intentions to support FotoCopy looking at his talent. “From today, anytime you want to record a song, come to my studio and use it for free, I can see the potential in you and I will be happy if you become a star”, he added.

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The event also saw the likes of Kumi Guitar, Tinny and many more perform. Follow FotoCopy on social media @Fotocopymusic

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