John Dumelo

The whole Ghana is eager to to hear the results in the Ayawaso West constituency because of the competition over there. John Dumelo was loosing when results were coming, and these are some funny tweets from tweeps 👇

▪️John Dumelo really do spiderman work herrr… giving out hugs to slay queens, laptops , braiding hair and even pounded fufu and still got single and double digits. Fear voters. Wawe p)t))😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

▪️Someone is using the laptop he got from Dumelo to do John Dumelo agenda 😭😂..Nipa ny3😂😂

▪️I stay at Tema but I transferred my vote to Ayawaso West. I’m soo happy my vote against Dumelo wasn’t in vain.

▪️John Dumelo paid Sharyf to do Twitter hype for him. Someone who is in Sudan😭😭😂and He wants to win the election???

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▪️What Maa Lydia is doing to Dumelo is what Bayern did to my team Barcelona. Masre saaa😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

▪️The money Dumelo had from acting all he take do politics. As the movie industry cast dierr unless he go act Efie wura for TV3 like that o😭😭

▪️Someone said John Dumelo shared G string all but still they voted against him.

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