People of Akwatia Constituency are happy that Ernest Kumi, the candidate of the New Patriotic Party hast lost the seat to NDC.

The citizens over there want their Ama Sey to represent them in the parliament because she understands them and she is like them .

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NPP candidates Ernest Kumi was allegedly accused of buying the primaries election which made Ama Sey lost and now God has punished them for disrespecting and humiliating Ama Sey.

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A tweet from someone 👇

“Ama Sey couldn’t speak English but snatched the Akwatia seat from the NPP. Someone with the money and ability to speak good English bought the delegates and won the primaries. Now the seat is back to the NDC. Great lesson for the NPP. Delegates shouldn’t decide who becomes PC.”

Ama Sey

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