You Being Poor Today Doesn't Mean You Will Be Rich Tomorrow - Glitz Kwasi Owusu

A Facebook user by the name Glitz Kwasi Owusu has shared a piece of advice to his friends and love ones on Facebook about a statement that people always seem to believe about Life.

The young man reminds people that in life you need to work hard to achieve what you want but not seeing the life as Nigerian movies that if today you are poor doesn’t always hope that you will be rich tomorrow as we always see in most local movies.

This is the post he made and we spotted 👇

“Gentle reminder: You being poor today doesn’t mean you’ll be rich tomorrow.

The world wasn’t programmed like that.

Stop watching local movies!💁🏽‍♂️

Now, go on about your day.”

I believe this piece of advice should be shared to most youth because we always believe if today is not good then by all means tomorrow will be good. This is not a movie ampa 😆

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