It’s a norm among most ladies nowadays where they want a guy to have cars, house or living luxurious lifestyle before they can accept his proposal.

A tweet made by a lady called @eunice_Kemi condemns what her colleague ladies do nowadays pertaining to dating and relationship affairs.

According to @eunice_Kemi she doesn’t understand why a lady of a certain age who doesn’t have cars, house or any property will be expecting a guy of that same age to have all that before she can date him.

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She added that if it’s easy and important to get all those luxuries why can’t you get it yourself and stop stressing innocent guys.

She tweets;

“I am a 26 year old lady, I no get car, I no get house, why should I expect that a 26 year old guy must have these before I can date him, if it’s not that my head is not correct?

What I am saying is this aunty, if e easy do am, if it’s important for your ego, then get it yourself.”


What’s your point on this?


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