Mr Glakpe John
Meet Glakpe John, A Form 3 Pupil of Ave Dakpa JHS Who Makes Mini Robot, Headset and Toy Cars from scraps

Showbiz Afrik spotted a post on Facebook made by Etornam McDoe of Asakpli HUB concerning a boy (Mr Glakpe John) who can make modern technology stuffs from scraps.

Mr Glakpe John, who always dreams of becoming an engineer, has started the journey of fulfilling his dream.

In the post, Etornam engaged the young boy and discovered that John personally made mini robot, headset and toy cars from scraps using equipment which belongs to his father.

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Digging his background, we realised that his father was a farmer but left him when he was a toddler (DEAD) and his mum is a trader.

This is the post Etornam made 👇

“He is called Glakpe John, a form three (3) pupil in Ave Dakpa JHS (Junior High School).

As young as he is, John can make a mini robot, a headset and nice toy cars from equipment which belongs to his dad.

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In a discussion, with Aasakpli HUB, John reveals he wants to become an engineer.”

Check some of the pictures collected from John below:

Mr Glakpe John Mr Glakpe John Mr Glakpe John


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