The way Camidoh Sings using Ewe is priceless - Worlasi

Ghanaian singer and rapper Worlasi praises the new sensational singer, Camidoh on how he uses Ewe language in his songs.

According to Worlasi, it’s just amazing and beautiful to hear his Ewe brother Camidoh sings in Ewe to entertainment music fans in Ghana.

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He continued to say that artiste who sings using Ewe is just priceless. One of his wishes is to hear more Ewe vibes in songs composed by artiste from Volta.

He tweets;

“The way Camidoh Dey sing for ewe inside!!! It’s priceless Charley!!!!! 🏆🏆🏆❤️ More and more of ewe singers!!! Hallelujah!”


Camidoh retweeted and said, “Bigs up bro!! it’s about time we hopped on something spiritual”. This implies that they might cook something musically for us soon.

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