shatta wale and joint 77

The bad blood between shatta wale and joint 77 is not ending soon. Joint 77 was shatta wale’s best friend but a little misunderstanding broke their precious friendship.

Joint 77 took to his Facebook account to send a fair warning to shatta wale. According to him he was younger when he met shatta wale and he did a lot for him but today he is throwing shot at him in his songs.

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He accused shatta wale for not releasing a song he recorded at his studio because he loves the vibe and try to steal it.

He writes, “Aboowa now you go jab me for song you want reply abi hahaha laughing 😝 like a killer…..I was younger when i meet you i saw you i was with you I held your CD 💿 for you don’t joke with me don’t try me listen to that song I recorded at your studio that you never released #Donttryme don’t steal from me #myheartisclean #77battalions”

shatta wale and joint 77

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