Ladies, Don't Date Guys With These Five Behaviors.
Ladies, Don't Date Guys With These Five Behaviors.

Ladies are sometimes being carried away by good looks, wealth, riches and the order of the day, “my mates are getting married so I’ve to also marry”

I want to open your eyes to some facts about guys. Whilst dating and you notice these 5 characters about your man and you can’t do anything about it, then you have to quit the relationship.

1. Excessive taking of alcohol.
Is it a bad thing to take alcohol?
It’s good to go have fun and return home but what comes out of your too much alcohol?
Guys molest their ladies under the influence of alcohol.

You’re being beaten everyday but you are still paying deaf ears to it all because of money. Women are suffering from domestic violence here and there but are still being adamant. If your guy takes too much alcohol, run for your life.

2. Cheating
Your guy should learn to be content with you. He postpones dates with you for nothing, *he hides to make some calls whenever you’re together, his line is always busy. If you suspect his actions, confront him in a lovely manner and seek for clarification.

He can’t deny it forever and he can’t also hide it forever. Don’t think it’s a normal routine so you will cope with it like that. Don’t also think getting pregnant for him will tie him down to only you. Don’t settle for “the world’s husband.”

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3. Always looking down on you.
Men are the head of the house, yes we accept that fact but that doesn’t give them the right to always ignore your presence. Your feelings are not being noticed, your voice is not being heard, he doesn’t help in the house chores among others.

I don’t think any lady is ready to settle for such a man. Your guy should be able to help you unearth that hidden potential you. He should be able to recognize that feminine voice in the relationship. Moreover, you should also add some value to yourself as a lady, do not always be at the demanding end.

4. He doesn’t introduce you as his lady.
You’ll agree with me that certain things need to be hidden from the public but on the other side of the coin, how can this person you call your guy introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend but introduces you to his family as a friend, “she’s just a friend.”

Could it be there’s someone in the picture already or he’s just trying to stop his family witches from coming after you and him? Most often our eyes see these things, our ears hear them but we’re being carried away by love.

5. He hides to make certain calls.

Marriage is a lifetime affair, it’s for better and for worse. The trust needed to sustain the marriage actually should be built during courtship.

He answers some calls in front of you but other ones are being answered far away from you.

Try to find out, try to make enquiries, try to play on his intelligence, you’ll surely get an answer to your questions.

Don’t remain quite over these things with the perception that things will get better when you finally get married.

If you are able to endure during courtship then you’ll have to endure in the marriage as well. Talking about all these when you finally get married could actually end everything you’ve suffered to build.

Is it not better to break up with your boyfriend than to divorce your husband?

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