Most Of Often Those Ladies Who Wouldn't Buy A "Pin" For Their Partners Are Those Who Complain That Men Are Not Romantic - Stash Grey

Relationship is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties that are involved. It happens in some cases that the guy and the lady are both happy but on the other hand too if it’s not the lady that’s making the relationship a living hell then it’s the guy.

Most ladies are of the view that their guys are supposed to do everything for them in their relationship talk of paying utility bills, take them shopping,   feeding fee and the like.

Even married couples do share responsibilities how much more dating or courtship. Both parties are supposed to be actively involved by helping each other with the little you’ve got.

This is his post 👇

“Most often it’s those ladies who wouldn’t even buy a pin for their partners who complain that men are not romantic just because they refused to spend their own hard earned money to fulfil their selfish interests.

Have you seen a woman who is a go getter and truly independent complaining about how a guy doesn’t want to spend his money on her in a relationship?

Is this the next generation of mothers your kids would be having?

A relationship is not an employment opportunity or a charity organization….”

Is it true?

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