scammer uses Shatta Wale

Scamming is becoming rampant these days as many youths tend to do it as a source of income to feed themselves as a result of lack of jobs in the country.

Some of these scams include Money rituals, lotto rituals, moblie money fake alert, etc.

Just some moments ago, Dancehall King Shatta Wale posted a photo of himself posing as a mallam.

After the photo hit the internet, many asked if he  has finally become a mallam but merely looking at the picture, it is obvious he is shooting a music video and the picture is just one of the costumes used in the video.

Today, Shatta Wale has uploaded the same picture on Facebook but this time, the photo is a bit edited!

Yes, a scammer has edited the photo  to lure people to pay for services such as Instant hits, Vanishing PR to GH, Lotto Numbers, Turning Charcoal into Gold, Church powers, Ritual money, Instant money, Protection, Court cases, construction matters etc which they will never get after paying.

Could it be that this picture is edited just for amusement? Let us know by commenting below.

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