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Ghanaian socialite and actress, Efia Odo gives an insight to Ghanaians who sometimes think that if a woman wears sekzy dresses, it means she is ash@wo.

Efia Odo took to her Facebook page to tell her followers that if a woman feels comfortable in wearing something that is sekzy it doesn’t mean she is dumb or ash@wo.

She continued to say that most pastors and politicians that wear suit are the ones that do not have any sense.

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Her post reads “”Just because i am comfortable enough to wear extremely sekzy dresses doesn’t make me an ashawo or dumb. I often see people referring to me as such because I wear sekzy outfits and the stereotyping I receive is ridiculous.

But to be honest I don’t get upset because many people In this part of the world are ignorant. Someone wears a suit or is fully covered so you think that person is sensible but look at your pastors and politicians 😂😂😂.

I will continue to be sexy and still spit the truth. You call me ashawo day and night it won’t stop me. Don’t judge a book by its cover, at least read the description in the back”


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