Shatta Wale has come online again with his usual controversies as He is known for his controversial status.

Even though some Ghanaians hate him for how controversial he is, there is always an iota of truth in whatever he says.

According to Shatta Wale in his usual facebook posts today, he stated that some people will not be able to leave anything for their children when they are gone.

He continued to state that some people came to this world just to be wise in their sayings and not to fight for the survival of themselves and their kids.

This will eventually lead you to having no option than to leave your children to suffer the same way your dad has made you suffer as it is a generational curse he said.

In his own word, he said “Some of you here will die without leaving anything for your kids cuz u came into this world to just talk sense and not to fight for the survival of life ..You just want your kids to pass thru what your parents made you pass thru cuz it’s a generational curse

We didn’t come to play like that !!
Ade hung and I will look for food any which way !!! Pussy industry !!!!!”.




Meanwhile in the other news, Shatta Wale Is The Only One That Speaks The Truth In The Music Industry – Ypee Claims [Screenshot]

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