Togbe Ghana

Keeping Ghana has always been a dream for concerned citizens and well wishers of Ghana. This is why Togbe Ghana has taken it upon himself to be a player in the process of making the nation one of the cleanest.

Togbe Ghana

He initially  composed a song aimed at creating awareness to the whole nation on why it is necessary to keep the nation clean.

The music video for that song went viral and received some recognitions but seems it is not enough to save the country from dirt.

It is of this reason that Togbe Ghana has started another campaign which is to clean beaches.

Ghanaian beaches are known for being a dump for plastic waste as people who go to the beaches dispose them carelessly after consuming their content.

Togbe Ghana is not only cleaning the beaches of the plastic waste but he is also recycling them into something very useful which can create an income for him, the country and the total populace of the country as he will probably be recruiting people to work for him.

After picking and sorting out the plastic wastes gotten from the beaches, he burns and molds them into pavement bricks.

Togbe Ghana

According to him, these bricks are stronger and more durable when compared to the cement brick.

In an interview on GTV when he was asked if he gets support from the Ministry Of Health And Sanitation, he said they only  gave him a T-Shirt. He added that he has written a letter to the ministry but they have not replied him.

Considering the work the young man is doing, it  could be realized that he has a dream for the country and for that matter, we would plead with the Ministry to quickly look into the letter and do the needful.

We should not wait for only outsiders to be helping us when we can also help ourselves was a comment from a commentator.


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