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A female banker whose name has been identified as Mutale Winfridah 39 years of age has been suspended by a bank she works for in Zambia known as ZANACO after he was accused by 10 men of sleeping with them with the hopes that she would secure jobs for them.

The woman who is still single due to her quest to attain a higher educational height before finding a partner-led to her sleeping with the desperate job seekers.

According to reports, the woman uses her position as the senior branch executive to woe the men into sleeping with her so she finds them jobs in the banking company.

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She is said to have used her position to also approve loans for all the men she gets intimates with so they don’t tell on her.

Officials of the bank finally got to know about the act of the woman after ten men came to formally lodge a complaint against her.

Source: ghanafeed.com

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