Man took his own life

A nigerian man, who’s name has been withheld for security sake, took his own life on live camera by jumping into Lagos sea due to depression and alledged substance abuse.

Report says, he mostly tells his wife that he will be commiting su!c!de but it rather unfortunate that she couldn’t take it seriously.

According to an instagram user named @omasheyemayuku, the bereaved wife said “her husband was abandon by his own family & the husband is taking a drug called Arizona“. She added that her husband has been talking about commiting su!cide.

Read comments below;

“According To the wife. She said her husband was abandon by his own family & the husband is taking a drug called Arizona. The wife is aware of all this & she kept quiet. Even when they interviewed the wife,I never sense any remorse in her.

All she could say is Nigerians should help her take care of the 11 months old daughter. She also said the husband has been talking about commiting su!c!de, at that time what action did she take? It’s quite unfortunate. The guy will be dinning with the devil in Hell.”

“Infact, that man with the camera & people around there when this happened should be apprehended. Some of us in this country Nigeria don’t value lives.

In abroad eg American or UK they way people around there when this guy is sitting at the edge of that bridge, the way they will talk to him to calm him down. Infact they would have contacted the police. They have expert that can talk to him not to commit su!c!de.”

“M#ntal health issues are real and The Nigerian government need to do more towards supporting her citizens as well as educating people on these issues.”

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