A young lady slapped her boyfriend for proposing to her in public but didn’t know he has parked the car he bought for her outside.

Showbiz afrik chanced on a video on Twitter where this lady slapped her boyfriend because he proposed to her in public.

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Meanwhile, the guy wanted to use the new car he bought for her to propose to her but decided to park it outside.

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After the incident, the lady was seem shouting why didn’t he tell her that he bought car for her.

Watch the video below

Twitter (https://twitter.com/IamSamzyPR/status/1492390281836126211?t=OOFHmnGM4xT847CXmVd52w&s=19)
SamzyPR 
After slapping him for proposing to her, she went out and saw the car he bought for her and she started

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