Over the years we have been hearing about tribalism when some tribes don’t want their children to marry from some tribes all because of something that transpired between them.

A relationship publicist with the name Abenamagis on Twitter shared a story of a bolt driver she has encountered when boarding his car.

Walk Away If You’re No More Appreciated In Your Relationships- Efia Odo Advises

This is the narration the bolt driver made to Abenamagis 👇

“So my Bolt driver responded to my good morning when I boarded his car but sounded like he was in tears. I told him not to start yet but if he could share what’s going on because his hand shook whiles holding his phone. He broke down completely that his girlfriend of 2 years.


Somebody, he’s been supporting by paying her fees, hostel fees, feeding etc because her parents don’t have, told him that she’s sorry but she can’t marry him because of his Ewe name. She’s afraid her friends will laugh at her and their future kids. I told him she was prolly- joking and he played some voice notes she sent him pleading with him to understand her and appreciate that she’s telling him the truth.

I couldn’t tell him that she sounded like someone who is already cheating on him. We spent most of the journey talking about it.

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