kafui dey and chief one

Ghanaian journalist Kafui Dey has endorsed “Ɖu Agbe” song from Chief One’s.

Chief One has released an EP titled Here I Come which has got many Ghanaians vibing to all the tracks on the EP.

The young musician uses Eʋe language most in his song and blends it with Pidgin.

If We Can Stop The Jealousy, Envy And Insecure Stuffs, We Can Change And Make Volta Great – Musician Kpese Boii

After he releases his EP, Ɖu Agbe song on the EP became people’s favourite and making them dance and still sending a powerful message across.

The renowned journalist Kafui Dey who can’t keep calm about the singer posted a video of the song on his Twitter account endorsing the song.

Check the tweet below

Check This Below

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