How To Apply for Confirmation in 2022

How To Apply for Confirmation in 2022

After successfully passing through tertiary institutions in Ghana, it is mandatory to serve the country for a year. This service rendered to the nation is called National Service. 

What is National Service?

It is a scheme established in 1973. The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Government of Ghana program under the Ministry of Education of Ghana with a National Secretariat in Accra, and offices in all administrative regions and districts across the country.

The scheme is mandated to deploy a pool of skilled manpower drawn primarily from tertiary institutions to support the development efforts of both the public and private sectors in Ghana.

Although it is a citizenry requirement for all Ghanaians who are eighteen years above, it is currently limited to, and mandatory for all Ghanaians graduating from tertiary educational institutions who are not less than eighteen years old.

The original intent of deploying freshly graduating youth under the NSS arrangement is to ensure that priority sectors of our national life are never lacking in the requisite human resources needed for development ~

Who can apply for Confirmation?

  • The applicant must meet all of these requirements below:
  • Completed any of the 46 Public Colleges of Education in 2021 and have no outstanding exams of referrals.
  • Passed the National Teacher Licensure Exams.
  • Completed the mandatory National Service for one (1) year
  • Being employed for a year.

How to Write Confirmation Letter

  • The applicant’s address must be written in the top right corner of the sheet
  • Put the recipient’s address on the left part of the sheet, just below the applicant’s address
  • Address the recipient and never forget to give a heading in a formal letter
  • Write your identity details below the heading; Example Name, Staff Id, SSF No, Rank and Contact number.
  • Body of the letter: it should be short and simple
  • Conclusion

Ghana Education Confirmation Letter

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