Apostle Paul; the man of faith

Apostle Paul

Saul as he was formerly called was a well-educated man with great zeal to work for God. He believed in Jewish religion and was ready to protect it. Apostle Paul; the man of faith.

He persecuted the followers of Christ Jesus. He thought they do not obey the Old Testament laws given to Moses to the people of Israel.

During one of his raids on Christians, he met Jesus on his way to Damascus. A turning point came when this man who was persecuting Christians became a devoted messenger of Christ. After his conversion, his name was changed to Paul. He won people to Christ more than any other person. He was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Paul, who once opposed Christians, began to proclaim publicly in the synagogues that Christ is the son of God.

People were surprised to hear this from the mouth of Paul, the persecutor of Christians.

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In fact, Paul exhibited a right action of faith in his missionary work.

In Lystra he cured a lame who has never walked since he was born.

The people were amazed and took Paul and Barnabas as gods and wanted to offer sacrifice to them. Whenever he turned people to God, he was met with opposition and persecution by the unbelievers.

All the oppositions and persecution did not scare him from spreading the gospel. He endured the oppositions and persecutions because he had great faith in God. No one would expect Paul and his team to go back to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch where they were persecuted to encourage the convents but did so because of their faith in God.

Paul suffered much for the gospel than anybody else. In his second letter to Timothy he stated that he fought a good fight, finished the race and kept the faith. He knew the Lord would award him with the crown of righteous laid up for him on that day.

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