Togbe Afede XIV

It’s Worrying For Chiefs To Endorse Presidential Candidates – Togbe Afede XIV

For the past few months, we have seen some chiefs endorsing the presidential candidates of the two major political parties in Ghana. The President...

WOMEN – The Prey Of Gender Discrimination | ShowbizAfrik

Gender Discrimination: Unfortunate Practice of Gender discrimination has been an old practice and a social evil in our country from a long time back....
Games Kids

The Reason Nowadays Kids Are Not Playing Those Old Fun Games Anymore | ShowbizAfrik

Gone are the days when we used to play as children, playing all kinds of children games as if our life depends on them....
Clans Fifteen

The Fifteen 15 Original Clans Of Anlo | ShowbizAfrik

There were twelve 12 original clans established by Dutɔ Ʋenya when the Aŋlɔs arrived on Aŋlɔland. But as at now the clans in Aŋlɔ...

Ignorance Is A Replica Of Mental Slavery – Isaac Nyagbenu

Ignorance Is A Replica Of Mental Slavery During our childhood, parents denied us many opportunities due to grudges they had with other families in the...