Why Humans Speak Different Languages

Why Humans Speak Different Languages

Language keeps people together, therefore people who speak the same language have a free flow of communication among themselves. [ why humans speak different languages ]

It is believed that the human race is a descendant of the first man and woman God created.

When they started reproducing, all their children and their descendant spoke the same language.

It got to a time when there was so much wicked on earth, so God destroyed the earth with flood.

After the flood, when the earth was dried, humans decided to build a tall city so that they could all settle in that city.

They started building their city because they speak the same language and they thought they could live in that tall city forever.

When God saw it, He marveled at how tall the city is and their mindset behind building it.

He knew that if He allow humans to finish building this city, they could not spread on the earth and can carry out any of their plans.

In order to stop humans from carrying out their plan, God confuse them by changing their languages.

When this happened, humans became divided in groups.

They moved to different part of the earth to settle there.

This is why we have over seven thousand (7000) languages in the world.

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