Joshua tremendous faith in God that marvels the pagans


After the death of Moses, God told Joshua to arise and go over the Jordan River into the land that he promised his people. Joshua was among the twelve spies that God directed Moses to appoint to see the promise land and bring report.

Though ten of the spies brought a negative report, Joshua with Caleb did not discourage him from taking the mantle.

He was courageous and had a great faith in God. God promised Joshua to give every place that his foot will tread upon to him. Just as he promised Moses. God asked him to be strong and courageous.

Joshua led the Israelites to cross the Jordan I’m a mysterious way that brought fears to Kings of Amorites and kings of Canaanites. They heard the Lord the God of Israel dried up the water in Jordan.

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God led the people of Israel to defeat Jericho in a miraculous way through the faith of Joshua and the Israelites. Next to attack, were people of Ai. Joshua sent out spies to spy the land. They came with report the people are few.

He sent about three thousand men, of which thirty-seven were killed. The people of Israel broke faith in regard to the devoted things. Achan sinned brought disaster to Israel. Joshua and his people attacked Ai the second time and won a great victory after the consecrating himself and the people.

Joshua defeated about thirty-one kings due to his faithfulness to God.

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