How to overcome sexual immorality

sexual immorality

Most youths today are seriously battling with Sexual Immorality. Some involve themselves in this act not because they want it. They wished they could stop but the feelings come every now and then. Others do the act deliberately, thinking they are enjoying their youthful age.

Sexually immorality comes in different forms i.e., fornication and adultery. These two are the key vices in our churches today.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “Is it possible to overcome sexual immorality? Yes, it is. With God all things are possible. Today’s church is filled with fornicators and adultery.

Husbands sleeping with their side chicks, wives sleeping around. Those who are not married are also sleeping with each other.

Is that what Christ depicts? No, since we are followers of Christ, we have to live a Christ-like life. One may ask, why is sexual immorality a key issue in today’s church?

Is a key issue because after you are born again in Christ, your body and mind remain the same. Your former sins are washed away. Your subsequent sins are forgiven when you ask God for forgiveness of sins.

So, when you give your life to Christ, you have to work on your body and mind. It is stated in Romans 12 verse 2 ‘Do not comfort to this world but be transformed by renewing your mind’.

Practicing the following ways below can help you overcome sexual immorality as a Christian.

  1. Read the bible always: The bible contains the word of God and it is the sword of a believer. The more you read the Bible you have a fellowship with God. As you read the Bible, you become aware of how you can live as a believer.


  1. Pray to God about it: God is ever ready to intervene in our situation he will intervene. Present your weakness before the Lord and he will intervene.


  1. Marry at your youthful age: For the past years, research have shown that young people mostly feel for sex. Marrying early will help avoid fornication.

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  1. Keep friends of the opposite sex at a distance: About 75% sexual activities that happened among youths are not planned for. Try and keep all friends that you can connect with them at a distance.


  1. Avoid being too passionate: Passion is a feeling, being too passionate can lead into sexual immorality. Several sexual immoral acts have happened because people felt so passionate about something and the ended up having sex.


  1. Avoid being too closed to those you are fond in private: Staying alone with someone you attracted to is like a bullet in a gun by the time realize you are either kissing, folding, holding, touching or having sex. The bible states that we should flee from youthful lust.


  1. Learn to keep hygienic relationships: Make sure you keep all your relationship with people hygienic.

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  1. Be mature: Christians believe that a man should be a husband of one wife, likewise a woman. A mature person keeps to his or her words. If you want to overcome sexuality then keeps to your partner.


  1. Believe that sexual immorality is a sin: Many Christians do not believe that sexual immorality is a sin. Sexual immorality is the only sin that is against your own body and God. Practicing all the activities above will help you overcome sexual immorality. People have tried and testify. Just try them and thank me later.


  1. Do not stay alone: People use to say that, “Satan finds work for an ideal person”. This statement is true because when you do not keep yourself company with work or things of God whiles alone, you might definitely do things that will lead you to sin.

E.g., Watching unhealthy content on the internet, watching adult content the TV, reading erotic stories and comics, having unhealthy conversation on the phone with somebody can motivate you to do the otherwise which will make you depart from God.

NB: The scripture says “the devil is like a roaring lion, seeking who to devour” therefore brethren, stay alive and alert all the time.

Writer: MS Yvonne A.

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