Stealing Meat From A Hot Pot Of Soup Tutorial

stealing meat from pots

A great deal of us from more established ages would presumably dismiss this one as I share a technique, for the most part, known to be the Eba age and remarkable to the Indomie age haha. Let’s learn how stealing meat from pots of stew is done lol.

Stealing meat from pots of stew and soups was exceptionally basic some time ago when an inactive brain was the fiends of the workshop. Nowadays, I don’t know any longer.

This post is for no particular reason. It isn’t in any event, for educative reasons so don’t attempt it. I will not be answerable for your activities when you in the long run get captured stealing meat.

Somebody really drafted this post on stealing meat from a pot of stew and shared it on a Facebook page and I could help share it with you. Kindly go ahead and let us know whether any means were discarded through the comment section

My dear ex or hopeful soup vandalizer, here’s the means by which to take meat from the pot 😂 as taught by Adebisi Anthony

stealing meat from pots
pot of okro stew


1. Enter the kitchen, and look left and right on the off chance that someone is coming.

2. Check the situation of the spoon and how you met it so you won’t commit any error while leaving.

3. Open the pot tenderly. Try not to allow the cover to drop or make any strong go

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4. Check the meat inside in the event that it is up to at least 5. The less the meat, the more certain for your Mom, to identify a missing piece. Take one on the off chance that it is more yet on the off chance that it is under 5, simply chomp them. As in, utilize your teeth to thin-shape them. Nibble little from every one of the pieces of meat so that assuming they check it, it will in any case be a similar number cover the pot gradually.

5. While eating the taken piece, let your ears be at aware of hear strides gracious. Try not to allow the soup to smudge your material or contact anything in the kitchen. On the off chance that it does, rapidly surge and wash that shirt to eliminate any follows to you.

6. Subsequent to eating it, wash your hand with cleanser and smell it multiple times to know whether it is as yet smelling soup.

7. Blow hot air from your mouth to see in the event that it smells like soup.

Try not to stress over that, simply go to the holder of garri, take some garri, and bite it or bite garlic to execute the scent.

8. Presently leave the kitchen like a holy person.

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