Doreen Avio Displays Elegance at the Emy Awards in Accra

Ghanaian Tv and radio personality, Doreen Avio, co-hosting the Emy Awards red carpet graced the arena in a breath-taking ensemble that captivated the audience. Sharing the stage with Uti Nwachukwu, a Nigerian actor and TV personality, Doreen Avio’s impeccable style and amiable demeanour drew widespread attention. Doreen Avio is widely recognized for her significant contributions…

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UK-Based Ghanaian Musician Benji Boy Unveils Uplifting Single “Happy Birthday” Featuring DWM

Benji Boy, the talented Ghanaian musician based in the UK, has released his latest single titled “Happy Birthday,” featuring DWM. This soulful and celebratory song is specifically dedicated to individuals and their loved ones commemorating special occasions. Formerly known as Quabena Benji, Benji Boy has been at the forefront of promoting Highlife music for over…

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communicable disease

What Is Communicable Disease, Condition and How To Manage It

Communicable disease is an infectious disease caused by microorganisms that may be transmitted from a person, animal or the environment to susceptible persons, either directly or indirectly. Infectious diseases results from multiplication of microorganisms in the body. The infectious process / chain of infection Causative organism Reservoir Portal of exit Mode of entering in susceptible…

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